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We ask that you prayerfully consider helping us continue doing God's work here at St. Stephen by making a financial pledge.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Electronic Giving


What is Electronic Giving? This is a program offered as an option to help you conveniently support our ministry through electronic funds transfer (EFT).


What is Electronic Funds Transfer? Many families use electronic transfer of funds to pay for such things as mortgage, insurance or utilities. EFT transfers funds accurately and securely from one back to another via computer. Our church is extending this convenience to you for your contributions.


How is this different from making a pledge? A pledge is a commitment to give. To fulfill your pledge you must then take another step (such as writing a check) to actually give the gift. When you choose electronic giving, that is the next step. Your contribution will be made automatically form your account at the time and in the amount you have specified. It is no different philosophically, than writing a check.


 How can my church withdraw directly from my back account? Account withdrawals are made only with your prior authorization. No funds can be withdrawn unless you specifically authorize the transactions to occur. Electronic giving is optional and is offered strictly as a convenience to you.


Can I change the amount of my gift? What if I want to stop giving in this way? You can change the amount you want to give at any time simply by notifying us in writing. If you ever want to stop giving by EFT, simply give us a note to that effect.


Is there a risk in making electronic contributions? No. An electronic contribution is safer than writing it check; it can’t be lost, stolen or destroyed in the mail. Plus electronic contributions have an extremely high accuracy rate.


How do I keep a record of the amount I have contributed? Your bank statement will include all automatic deductions made from your account, including your Electronic Giving contributions. In addition, everyone who gives will contribute to receive a record of those gifts from the church.


How often would I give? That’s your choice. You can give automatically either weekly (funds transfer on Mondays), on the first or fifteenth of the month, or once a month on either the first or fifteenth (which ever you choose).