A Legacy of Faith






Dear Parishioners,

We have been building our faith and legacy together for 175 years from 1847-2022 here at St. Stephen’s. We just celebrated together on Pentecost the conclusion of that year long celebration where we have revisited our proud history and enjoyed the walk down memory lane. We have accomplished the monumental task of eliminating our parish mortgage from the building of the new Church over the past six years, making us now debt free. Your support through our Capital Campaign, estate planning gifts to the parish, and the numerous fundraising projects allowed us to make that happen. THANK YOU!

Now we turn to the next chapter in our history and LEGACY. In the parishioner survey for our Capital Campaign, you mentioned some priorities for improvement or completion. They included the construction of the Bell Tower, stained glass in the Church and Chapel, and technology updates with drop down screens in the worship area. In addition, we are facing some routine improvements from wear and tear that need attention, such as, replacing the carpeting in the Narthex with a hard surface material for easy cleaning, and our deteriorating surface parking lot. Then there is always the unknown, boilers, air conditioners, hot water heaters, mechanicals, roofs, etc.

With the projects we would like to see completed and the unknowns, I am establishing St. Stephen’s LEGACY FUND. The Bell Tower already has a fund designated specifically for that project and is currently underway. The LEGACY FUND would then allow us to address our needs for the parish on a priority basis, along with our ability to fund them, without ever entering into debt again. Thanks be to God!

So will now see a change on your monthly stewardship letters that will include STEWARDSHIP, BELL TOWER, and LEGACY FUND.

Your generosity in the past has been so appreciated and has allowed us to grow and improve. I am confident God recognizes your love of your faith and parish in how you have responded to giving back to God in and through the many blessings you have received.

We now undertake leaving our LEGACY for generations to follow.