Christmas Giving






Christmas Gifts are Needed for our FLC Patrons

Children Ages Newborn to 15 and Adults Aged 60 Plus

COMING SOON:   The Christmas Giving Tree in the Gathering Space


Sponsored by St. Stephen Family Life Center and Human Concerns

November 9th through December 8th.

Gifts will be distributed to our FLC families on December 10th, 12th, 17th or 19th.



What to do:

  • Please pick a tag off the Christmas Giving Tree.
  • Purchase the gift needed at your convenience.
  • Bring your Christmas gift back to St. Stephen.

BE SURE TO ATTACH YOUR GIFT TAG when you bring the gift back to St. Stephen so the FLC knows which family will receive your gift.

  • Turn your gift into the parish office, Family Life Center or bring it to mass with you and place it near the baskets by the church doors.
  • Please do NOT wrap the gift. But bring a roll of wrapping paper if you wish.



We will also accept Christmas gifts for our sister parish:  The Congregation of the Great Spirit.

Bring a gift of your own choice. Please do NOT wrap the gift.

Please place a tag on your gift: Congregation of the Great Spirit.


Thank you for your generosity and support.

It is sincerely appreciated!