Meijer Support of the Family Life Center



The Meijer SIMPLY GIVE  Campaign  Continues

to Support the St. Stephen Family Life Center Food Pantry


Mark your calendars: 

Next DOUBLE MATCH date is:  

SATURDAY, June 15, 2024


 Please consider giving a “SIMPLY GIVE” donation to support our St. Stephen Family Life Center Food Pantry during the dates listed above.

  • Your donation supports our emergency food pantry which offers emergency food to people of our community. 

  • "SIMPLY" go to the Meijer Drexel Town Square Store and purchase a SIMPLY GIVE card.  The cards are available at the front of the checkout lanes.  Ask your checker!

  • Or pick up a “Simply Give Card” on our display table in the church lobby or in the Family Life Center Office.

  • The donation MUST be purchased at the Oak Creek Drexel Town Square Store.

  • $10 or more can be donated at the Meijer store now until July 2, 2022!

  • Meijer will DOUBLE MATCH our donations on June 19th!  This means for every $10 Simply Give card purchased on this date, Meijer will give $20 to our food pantry, resulting in a total $30 donation!  A $100 Simply Give card purchased on this date, Meijer will give $200 to our food pantry, resulting in a total $300 donation.
  • Mark your calendars for the "Simply Give" DOUBLE MATCH dates, too!

THANK YOU for your continued support and generosity.


Thank you to



The St. Stephen Family Life Center is grateful for our partnership with the Meijer Town Square Store and the Simply Give Program and our parishioners that generously support the Family Life Center Food Pantry.  Because of the Meijer and St. Stephen parishioners’ generosity, we can continue to meet the needs of low-income families that come to our pantry for additional food supplies.  Our Family Life Center is committed to promoting a healthy life for the families of our neighborhoods.  The Simply Give food gift cards will help us to continue to meet those needs.



With 1 in 8 Americans considered food insecure nationwide, food remains a basic need that many people continue to struggle to put on their tables.  Meijer is committed to addressing hunger relief in Oak Creek through its Simply Give program, which replenishes the shelves of our St.  Stephen Family Life Center Food Pantry.  The Simply Give program has been feeding hungry families in Oak Creek, thanks to the continued support and generosity of Meijer customers, St. Stephen parishioners, team members and food pantry partners. More than 50 million Americans are considered food insecure, which means they don’t know where they will find their next meal.




The Simply Give program runs three times a year to help fulfill the needs of food pantry partners when they need it most: spring, fall and holiday.

During the campaigns, parishioners are encouraged to purchase $10 Simply Give donation cards, which are converted into Meijer food-only gift cards and given to the St. Stephen Family Life Center Food Pantry.

The Simply Give program allows our food pantry the opportunity to choose the grocery items best suited for the families we serve, as well as baby food, formula, diapers and wipes.

Hunger relief is a corporate philanthropic focus at Meijer, in addition to education, disaster relief, and health and wellness initiatives.