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The Ministry of Hospitality: Usher and Greeter


The Hospitality Minister: Greeter/Usher warmly welcomes, and greets everyone with the love of Christ. This is one of our most visible and important ministries since greeters and ushers create a positive experience for our guests and a lasting impression. It is one of the reasons our guests return and become regular attendees.

Hospitality Ministers make a commitment to 4:30pm, 8:30am or 10:30am Masses. There is a training session every year, and those who join us are issued a name badge so that the faithful can identify them as someone who can help.  During the training sessions we make sure that each minister can help the faithful find the restrooms, welcome packets, or the wheel chair if needed. Familiarity with what to do in case of emergencies is vital to this ministry.


Call Lynda at the Parish Office (414) 762-0552 for questions or concerns.