Through the Sacrament of Christian Marriage a couple unites themselves to each other for life through the exchange of their sacred vows.  Preparation for entering into this sacrament is important and should not be take lightly.  The policy of St. Stephen Parish is that the Catholic party to the upcoming marriage be registered in the parish, practicing their faith and contributing to the support of the parish through the sharing of their time, talent, and treasure.  The Catholic party must be a member for six months before a date can be set for the marriage ceremony.


Marriage preparation includes the following: meeting with the priest or deacon for initial interview and pre-nuptial questionnaire; taking the FOCCUS and discussing the results, participating in a pre-marriage enrichment day sponsored by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, meeting with the priest or deacon to plan the ceremony, and meeting with the Director of Liturgy and Music.  Please allow 6-8 months for the completion of the entire process.



Marriage Guideline Booklet by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee

How Do We Begin



Dates for marriage are arranged with the parish pastor. 

Please call the Parish Office at 762-0552.