Liturgy & Music


Saint Stephen's Prayer and Worship Committee

The role of the standing committee is to nourish and give direction to the liturgical aspect of the parish life by ensuring that parishioners are provided with opportunities to deepen their faith through a variety of prayer experiences and liturgical celebrations.

Mission Statement

We the Prayer and Worship Committee are dedicated to providing St. Stephen’s Congregation the opportunity for Eucharist and other prayer experiences in a welcoming and nurturing environment formed by the liturgical principles envisioned by Vatican II.



 To increase participation in Prayer and Worship Committee

  •  To have adequate representation on Prayer and Worship from all Liturgical ministries

To develop and encourage participation in our Music Ministry:

  • Increase the number of cantors
  • Increase the size of the Adult choir.
  • Cultivate additional singing groups (youth choir, Guitar Ensemble, etc.)
  •  Increase use of instrumentalists at liturgies.
  • Expand the size and use of the Brass Choir, and cultivate new groups such as a Bell Choir or String Ensemble.

To encourage participation in the Liturgical Ministries: 

  • Increase number of Hospitality Ministers (Greeters and Ushers)
  • Increase of Lectors
  • Increase number of Eucharistic Ministers

 To foster prayer opportunities:

  • To give adequate catechesis
  •  To promote a core of Ministers of Communion who take Eucharist to the homebound, sick and elderly every week.

For more information on each of the ministries below, click on the attached links below.

Altar Serving Training

Adult Choir

Cantor Ministry

Children's Choir

Resurrection Choir