Resurrection Choir



Our Resurrection Choir is notified whenever we celebrate the Order of a Christian Funeral here at                       St. Stephen.

This is a fitting way to honor the passing of our beloved dead and to give comfort to family and friends.

Funerals may occur on any weekday, but are most often celebrated on Saturdays.

The Resurrection Choir member participates as his or her schedule allows.

The music repertoire is fairly standard and each choir member is given their own music binder.

We rehearse a half hour before each service, thus the commitment is an hour and a half for each service.

We sing the hymns and parts of the Mass, and occasionally a prelude or meditation. 

Many Funeral Choir Members are also members of our Adult Choir, but it is not required.


Call Lynda Trani, Director of Liturgy and Music at 414 762-0552.