St. Stephen Catholic Comeback



    Welcome Back!

We are open for Saturday Mass at 4:30 P.M. and Sunday Masses at 8:30 A.M. and 10:00 A.M.

We are also open for Tuesday and Thursday Daily Masses at 8:00 A.M.



Click here to view the Catholic Comeback for Parishes Version 5




YouTube Catholic Comeback by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee



UPDATES for PHASE ONE for Parishes who have successfully celebrated a Sunday Mass.


Daily Mass Phase One:  Daily Mass is allowed- up to two times a week- beginning June 10, 2020. We will limit attendance to 20 people, following the remaining Archbishop’s Mass Directives.  We will offer masses on Tuesday & Thursdays.

Funerals Phase One:  We can celebrate funerals with fewer than 50 people including liturgical ministers.

Baptisms Phase One:  We can celebrate communal baptisms with fewer than 50 people in attendance.

Weddings Phase One:  We can celebrate weddings with fewer than 50 people including liturgical ministers.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers Phase One:  Beginning June 14, a limited number of Eucharistic Ministers may be used to assist in the distribution of communion at Sunday Mass, following the same Guidelines for Clergy.  We will display the # of crosses.

Confirmation Celebrations Phase One:  After June 28 with attendance limited to 25 percent of occupancy, following the Archbishop’s Mass Directives, and with delegation from the Chancery Office.

Individual Anointing of Non-Covid-19 Parishioners not in a Hospital or Nursing Home Phase One:  Take extra caution with hygiene and handwashing and following special guidelines.

Visiting/Taking Communion to Parishioners who are Homebound Phase One:  Only by clergy, taking extra caution with hygiene and handwashing, following special guidelines.

Special Masses Phase One:  No, not to be considered until July 1, and then with fewer than 50 people.

Choir/Singing Phase One:  Cantor is allowed.  Social distancing from musician.  No Choirs.  Minimize communal singing.

Distribution of Bulletins Phase One:  Upon exit only. Distributed by ushers wearing masks & gloves keeping as much social distance as possible.