Year of St. Joseph




On December 8, 2020, Pope Francis declared a "Year of St. Joseph" for the whole church.  When your house is in disorder, you need a father to bring order and peace.  That is the role of St. Joseph, our Spiritual Father.  St. Stephen's Congregation will be consecrated to St. Joseph on Father's Day, June 20th, 2021.  We will dedicate this year to learning more about St. Joseph, his role in our church and how he can assist us to reach our ultimate goal - heaven.

We need St. Joseph for two important reasons:  first, to protect marriage and family (at Fatima, both the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph appeared to Sr. Lucia and she stated "The final battle between the Lord and the kingdom of satan will be about marriage and the family") and second, to reintroduce usto what it means to be a Baptized Catholic.  Many Catholics have fallen away from our roots, don't practice their faith and are on a path to self-destruction.  St. Joseph will lead us back to God.

Consecration simply means you acknowledge St. Joseph as your Spiritual Father and through your daily prayers, ask his help, guidance and protection to become holy and lead you to God, by living the virtues he embodied - humility, justice, patience, silence, sacrifice, purity of mind/body.

Watch your bulletin for weekly informational items on St. Joseph.  This fall we will offer small group opportunities to discuss the book by Fr. Donald Calloway "Consecration to St. Joseph - the Wonders of our Spiritual Father."  

We hope to encourage your devotion to St. Joseph during these offerings!



St. Joseph Prayers and Resources

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Consecration Prayers to St. Joseph (Individual and for Our Parish)

Head of the Family

Hidden Life of St. Joseph

The Holy Cloak Prayer

Light of Patriachs

Litany of St. Joseph

Marian Saint

Marriage and Family

Minister of Salvation

Mirror of Patience

Model of Workmen, Pray for Us

Most Chase Joseph

Most Prudent Joseph

Our Human Father, Pray for Us

Patron of Vocations

Pillar of Families

Prayer Before Work (St. Joseph, the Worker)

Prayer of Pope Leo XIII

Prayer to Saint Joseph

Seven Sorrows and Seven Joys

Sleeping St. Joseph Prayer

Terror of Demons





"Consecration to St. Joseph - the Wonders of our Spiritual Father."  

by Fr. Donald Calloway