Elementary PREP

The St. Stephen's Parish Religious Education Program (PREP) welcomes your family to the program, which provides a means for elementary, middle school and high school students to grow in their faith in God as Catholic Christians.  We look forward to a very productive and spirit-filled year.

Our catechesis aims to:

1.  Promote knowledge of faith in our Trinitarian God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, as presented in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.

2.  Promote a knowledge of the meaning of the Liturgy of the Mass and the sacraments.

3.  Promote moral formation in Jesus Christ as a way of life.

4.  Teach the Christian how to pray with Christ, in Christ, and in communion with the Church.

5.  Initiate the Christian into the life of the local church community and foster active participation in the mission of the Church.

6.  Promote a missionary spirit that prepares Christians to witness Christ in society.


  Prep Registration 2019-2020