"We're Moved by the Spirit"

Meijer Support of the Family Life Center


5,660 Thank You’s to Meijer!

The Family Life Center is excited to announce that the Simply Give Program sponsored by Meijer was a huge success!! Thank you to all the parishioners and community members who went to Meijer’s and made a donation. Please see below as to the breakdown of the $5,660 that was given to the emergency Food Pantry in “food, diapers and wipes only” gift cards. These cards will be used to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables during the winter months, fresh meat and canned protein, diapers and wipes, as well as, allow us to keep our pantry full during our lean donation months.

We would like to offer a sincere “Thank You” to Meijer’s for partnering with the Family Life Center through the Simply Give Program. It is awesome to have such community support of our food pantry.


                Store/Pantry Donation:                                 $740

                Meijer Single Match Donation:                     $300

         Meijer Double Match Donation:                          $880

                Meijer LPGA Classic Donation:                      $3390

                                TOTAL DONATION:                       $5660