"We're Moved by the Spirit"

Human Concerns Mission Statement

The role of this standing committee is to  discern the needs of persons in the parish and wider community, especially the  poor, and identifies resources to meet those needs enlisting the active  cooperation of the parish members. The committee fulfills the justice dimensions  of Scripture and our Church Tradition acknowledging that every Christian is  called to service and to work for justice, including respect for life efforts.  The committee's scope of responsibility is twofold: First, to meet the immediate  needs; and, Second, to work for changes in the structures of society which are  oppressive. Committee members are not responsible to actually do all of the  committee's work, but rather to INVOLVE OTHERS in actively accepting the  responsibility of their Baptism. The committee supports those in the parish who  are already involved in service, advocacy, justice education, and empowerment of  people. The committee works with community groups and other parishes to help  solve related problems. They keep parishioners aware of issues relating to  justice, peace, hunger, and the homeless on the local, national, and  international levels so that appropriate Christian action on such issues can be  determined.


Some of the Committee’s particular areas of  involvement include:

  • Meal Program at South Side Meal Site (owned by St. Vincent de Paul)

  • Baking for meal program

  • Hospitality Sundays

  • Bingo for residents of Cameo Nursing Home

  • Annual toy drive for children (pre-Christmas)

  • Annual back-to-school supply drive

  • Christmas cards to nursing home residents

  • Rose presentations at baptisms

  • Sunshine (cards of condolence, get well)

  • Interfaith activities -  Mum Sale in September

  • Rose sale on Mother’s Day (supports Wisconsin Right to Life)
  • Life Chain (First Sunday in October – respect all life)

  • Crop Walk (October – for Hunger Task Force)