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Buildings & Grounds Committee

Buildings and Grounds Committee

The role of this standing committee involves the physical condition of the  parish property; its maintenance and upkeep. The committee identifies and  articulates the needs of the parish in this area and makes recommendations to  the Council. These responsibilities include the periodic inspection and  evaluation of all parish properties in the areas of safety, security, necessary  repairs, remodeling and new construction. To this end, the committee shall  maintain a complete set of all architectural plans, drawings, designs and  specifications for all parish properties. They shall write specifications for  all desired and necessary repairs and have contractors submit bids for needed  goods and services. They shall recommend purchases of equipment and qualified  maintenance services for Council approval. They shall prepare guidelines for the  use of parish facilities making certain that any rental or lease agreements  conform to the laws of the State and archdiocesan norms and policies. They  shall, in conjunction with the Stewardship Committee, prepare and maintain a  list of parishioners who will donate their time and talents for necessary work  around the parish.